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Written By: Brian K. Brittain | 2020-03-13

Status Of Industrial Commission Hearings/Court Proceedings

Valued Client of Ross, Brittain & Schonberg Co., L.P.A.

In response to COVID 19 concerns, the Industrial Commission of Ohio has suspended all hearings for Monday, March 16, 2020 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

As of Wednesday morning, March 18, 2020, the Industrial Commission, on an interim basis, is planning to utilize a telephone hearing system.  Only certain types of issues will be heard during this interim phone hearing period.  Specifically, all permanent partial disability (PPD) and most treatment matters will be held in abeyance until the Industrial Commission is back up and running in its normal fashion.

At this point, we have no information as to how long the interim phone hearing process will remain in effect.  We will certainly keep all of you advised as to updates and/or changes.

Meanwhile, as of this moment, the Courts of Common Pleas are generally remaining open for business.  Cuyahoga County announced that it has placed a 30-day moratorium on all jury trials.  However, all of its other business (i.e., pre-trials/mediations, etc.) will continue on as usual.  We presume many of the other Courts of Common Pleas will operate in a similar fashion, again on an interim basis.

Please feel free to contact Brian Brittain (216-643-4507) should you have any immediate questions or concerns.  Once again, we will keep everyone posted as to changes in what remains a very fluid situation.  Thank you.

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